Holidays Matter network launched at WTM 2014

The Holidays Matter network was formally launched today at the third annual Holidays Matter Conference hosted at the World Travel Market (WTM) event in London.

The network will, for the first time, provide a framework for organisations who believe that every single person in this country should have the opportunity for a break away from home.

Today in Britain seven million people cannot find the money for an annual holiday and still more miss out because the challenges of daily life are too great.

Holidays Matter launches with the following aims:Holidays Matter

  • to help more people benefit from breaks
  • to build a network of businesses, voluntary sector groups, and tourism bodies with an interest in increasing provision of holidays and breaks for those who can’t currently enjoy any sort of break
  • to influence policy at both local and national level to recognise the importance of holidays and breaks
  • to learn from the best models in mainland Europe and implement this learning in the UK
  • to bring together organisations under the Holidays Matter banner to present a coherent message using consistent terminology.

The UK tourism industry contributes 9% of GDP and employs over three million people. The industry is a lifeline for many communities across the UK who depend on tourism for jobs and long-term economic viability.

Commenting on the launch John McDonald, Director of the Family Holiday Association said “We believe that Holidays Matter. They broaden horizons, provide a break from every day stresses and strains and create memories that last a lifetime.

“In Britain today, five million people cannot afford even a simple day out. We simply cannot afford to have so many people excluded from the many benefits a break or day trip can provide.

“Creating a network to share ideas and best practice under the Holidays Matter banner is the next logical step to advancing co-ordination and delivery in this vital area.”

Organisations are invited to join the network by completing a simple form. The information gathered will, in time, deliver a comprehensive overview of provision across the UK. Qualifying organisations will be able to display the Holidays Matter mark.

The Holidays Matter’s website and Twitter feed @Holidays_Matter also launched today.

Holidays Matter will be administered by the Family Holiday Association.

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