Record number of struggling families awarded a break in 2016

Support from the travel and tourism industry helped the Family Holiday Association to provide a record 5,184 struggling families with a day trip or short break in 2016. This 38% year-on-year increase is a testament to all who contributed to the charity’s 40th Anniversary activities in 2015-16.

Record number of struggling families awarded a break in 2016More than 11,000 children and almost 8,000 adults benefited from a few nights at the British seaside or a simple day trip. Just under half had a family break together for the very first time, with a third of children enjoying their first ever visit to a beach.

Family Holiday Association research found that virtually all families (99%) reported reduced worries and stress levels after their break, and 94% of parents felt better able to cope. “These results are an important and tangible indication of the importance of breaks away from home,” stated John Kinnear, the charity’s Programme Manager.

Charity Director John McDonald said: “We approached our 40th Anniversary aiming to generate enough income and goodwill to help 4,000 struggling families, so we’ve exceeded our target by a long way. And it’s important to remember that for the families we help, these breaks really are a lifeline, not a luxury.

“The travel and tourism industry has always been central to our charity’s activities, and the extent to which supporters embraced both our 40th Anniversary and 500 for 500 campaigns – the latter generating £250,000 – was incredible. I’m hugely proud of that support and what it has achieved.”