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Happy memories of family holidays can stay with us all our lives

Family on beachThe Family Holiday Association was founded on the principle that spending quality time together as a family away from home results in stronger, healthier and happier families and communities. For our founders Patrick and Joan Laurance, this was based on personal experience. Yet there is also a significant body of academic research that supports the work we do.

We always ask for feedback from our referrers and the families we help which forms the basis of our annual impact report.

We also participate in additional research, both independently and in partnership with academia, that looks at the many benefits of breaks away from home. This includes recent work by Nottingham Civic Exchange that shows a holiday is an unaffordable luxury for many hard working families, and that missing out is having a negative impact on mental wellbeing. Plus an ongoing PhD research project with Nottingham University.

Our own research shows that the impacts of a break can be far-reaching; from improvements in mental health and reduced isolation to increased school attendance and job-seeking behaviour.

If you would like information on the most recent research projects please get in touch on 020 3117 0651 or by email.