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A trip to the seaside can make a huge difference…

“For once we had memories not tinged with sadness”

sandcastle day family 1Tom and Rebecca had been trying to be parents for such a long time, so they were delighted with the birth of their daughter, Maria, in 2007. Sadly, Rebecca has never been able to get over losing two children prior to Maria, and her severe depression and anxiety make it difficult for her to find and retain work. In fact, she is rarely able to leave the house. Tom tries his best to be strong for everyone, but it’s hard – and financially it’s a struggle surviving on one wage.

Tom says: “When I had to give up our car, I felt like we had lost a lifeline. That’s when I decided I needed help too and started to talk to a family counsellor, Kate. Kate referred us to the charity and I felt over the moon when we were accepted. The look on Maria’s face when we told her we were going to the seaside was priceless.” With support from our charity, the family travelled by train to Skegness for a few days in a caravan by the sea.

“For a few wonderful days, the pressure of life was lifted, Rebecca looked brighter, Maria laughed and played, and we all felt happy. The break lightened our load for a while, and for once gave us memories not tinged with sadness. For that, I am so very thankful.”

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“There is a lot to be said for how the seaside can offer a breath of fresh air”

boy playing sandHere, Maryam, a family support worker for young carers shares her experience as a Family Holiday Association referrer… “One family I worked with recently – a mum and her son – went to Blackpool and had an amazing time. Before they left, they were on quite a downer, things had been very difficult at home, particularly with Mum’s health, her mobility issues and a breakdown in relationship with Dad. the break came at the ideal time as it enabled them to leave things behind, enjoy each other’s company and create some new memories.

“When they came back, they had so many stories to tell; they were raving about it for days. The break really refreshed their perspective on their relationship and gave the young carer and her Mum some quality time together. They are more positive, focused and appreciative of the things they do have. There really is a lot to be said for the seaside and how it can offer a breath of fresh air. All the families I have referred are buzzing after their breaks.”