Sara’s Fairy Story

“A heart-warming tale of sunshine and rainbows”

toadstoolFriday 26th February is National Tell A Fairytale Day, so we have adapted the story of Sara into a fairytale – you can see the original story of Sara and her family here.

image of pdf story“Once upon a time in a far off land – but not as far as you think – there was a loving Mummy who cared for her family and had never wished for anything more. Until now…

Her daughter had rich auburn hair that flowed in the wind and shone in the night – and her name was Sara.

Sara was full of love, joy and all the yummy things in the world which people dream of having all at once… and yet if you looked deep into Sara’s eyes you could see sadness…”

To continue reading, you can download Sara’s Fairy Story here, or listen to the story below.

Sara’s Fairy Story is written and voiced by Angie Watson.