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Eight easy ways to Fundraise

There are loads of ways to spread the word, raise money for #ShadesDay and help struggling families to get a break.

1. Wear your shades & Take a Snap
Ask your friends and colleagues to wear their sunglasses, take a selfie and share with friends using #ShadesDay. It would be fantastic if you could make a donation too.

2. Looking good with DIY Shades
Get crafty and make your own or request our fundraising pack for a bit of help and inspiration!

Shades Day cakes3. Coffee Morning, Sunny Lunch or Afternoon Tea
Ask everyone to wear their favourite shades and make a donation

4. Office sweepstake!
Hold your own sweepstake by downloading our poster and guessing the name of the Shades Day character – coming soon!

Shades Day raffle5. Hold a Raffle
Everyone loves a good raffle, grab a few prizes and charge £1 a ticket

6. Sunny Bake-off!
At home or work, get the baking going and the donations flowing!

7. Famous Shades Film Night
Sunglasses rule in Hollywood! Top Gun, Ferris Bueller, Grease… Pick a classic and host a film night.

8. Shades Quiz special
Hold a quiz this Shades Day! You could feature photos of your friends, family or colleagues with big shades stuck on top, and people have to guess who’s who!

Maximise your fundraising

  • Put Up Posters
    Put up posters included in your fundraising pack and get your friends and colleagues involved
  • Use social media
    Spread the word and share your #ShadesDay photos!
  • Text to donate
    Tell others to do the same, it’s quick and easy: To donate £3, text SHADESDAY to 70331 

If you have any questions, please get in touch. Email Coral at or call 020 3117 0663.