A Welcome Easter Break

Hello hello! I’m soo excited to tell you about everything that’s been going on at the Holiday Park – it’s been manic but a lot of fun! It’s been really busy over the Easter break with lots of families enjoying some time away – the sun even came out to play for a few days! Easter represents new life and fresh starts, which is celebrated by eating copious amounts of chocolate – of course!

As the holiday season continues, I get to meet new families who are so thankful for the time away. It’s my job to help them get some time to rest, regroup and take home a more positive outlook that really does impact their lives in the long term.

The Phillips Family

Last summer, the Phillips family came to stay for a few days with me. The break at Combe Haven came at just the right time for this family as they had been struggling for quite a while. They had been living in temporary housing and finances were tight which put a constant stress on family life. Mum had been dealing with bipolar and the relentless financial pressures meant she was struggling to cope.

It was the first time this family got to go away and spend quality time together away from everything. For just a few days they could leave all their stresses behind which they never got to do at home. It’s amazing how the little things in life can make you feel a million times better. They loved sitting outside in the sun with a picnic and walking to the beach! The lovely support worker who helped The Phillips get a break told me that since the holiday they’ve realised that even a walk to the park at home can help them to feel better. Mum now goes out more and more on her own which she was never able to do before.

When the family arrived, I overhead Dad saying that he used to go to Hastings with his mum when he was young and he hadn’t been back since she passed away. The trip brought back all these great memories for him and has given him the determination to save up to be able to take his family back again one day.

The support worker passed me on a message to say that both Mum and Dad would like to thank the people that provided the break and can’t begin to say what a massive change the break has made to them. At a time when they couldn’t see any positives it gave them a real boost, especially to mum’s mental health. Since the break, whenever there has been an issue at home, they have the memories and photographs to remind them of the good times. After a few really difficult years it was just what they needed.

I feel so lucky to be able to help families like the Phillips and I’m so thankful for your support to continue making this happen. Thanks for keeping up to date with everything that’s going on! I’m super excited for the summer sunshine to kick in and to start welcoming more families in the coming months.

Bye for now!