Fresh Starts and New Beginnings – Jan

Well, well, well… what a wonderful 2018 holiday year we had! It was just brilliant having families come to stay over the months and for many it was the first time they had been away! Just thinking of all the magical memories that were created brings a smile to my face.

Shirley the CaravanAnd now it’s time to relax – phew! January is a month for rejuvenation and fresh beginnings, so this month I’m undergoing some changes. It’s getting quieter around the caravan park, so I’m having some maintenance work done before people start coming back for holidays. The start of the quiet season means I get to put my wheels up, have some shut eye and enjoy remembering all the fun I’ve had with families over the year.

As grey, cold days set in, January’s dark skies affect us all, me included! It can feel a bit lonely when no-one is coming to stay, so I keep warm by thinking of all the fun I’m going to have with all those new families we’re going to welcome this year.

A holiday story that comes to mind

As I reflect back on the last year, a family comes to mind. They had been struggling for a while after an illness in the family and the holiday did wonders in relieving some of the tension they were feeling and helping them to see things a little more clearly. Whilst their lives at home were a little bit chaotic due to the challenges of childcare and income pressure whilst being seriously ill, the caravan provided a place away from home where they could relax and have fun as a family. The time away gave them a break from the tough reality of living with an illness and added a little light back into their lives.

Hastings beachThe Jones’ had never been away as a family, so the break was a new experience for everyone. It was just amazing to hear about all the fun the children had playing on the beach and building sandcastles, even though they made me rather sandy afterwards! I didn’t mind though, hearing their stories about collecting seashells and having sand between their toes made the mess worth it.

It’s easy for life to get on top of you, especially with added health and financial stresses. I’d hear Ms Jones talking to her partner about the pressures at home that can drag them down a lot of the time. She said she valued the time away as she could almost put those stresses on pause whilst they refocused and got a chance to relax together. I was happy that coming to stay could help in some way!

The difference your support makes

It’s hard to imagine the difference that a trip away with me can bring to a family in need. Often, these trips are a break from traumatic life experiences or difficult situations that can cause a lot of stress and mental anguish.

There’s no better feeling than seeing children’s faces light up when they step inside the caravan and begin relaxing and having fun. For many of the families who have stayed with me over the year, the trip makes a welcome break from whatever is going on back home. For families who are struggling with some of life’s toughest challenges your support can make the world of difference, so thank you!

Right, that’s all from me for now. It’s supposed to get colder over the next month, so I’ll be dreaming of those summer months to help get me through! I look forward to writing to you again next month and updating you on what’s been happening.



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