Memories to Cherish Forever

Hi all, Shirley here! Well June has seen some funny weather – I haven’t known if summer’s been coming or going! But it finally feels as if it’s warming up and I can keep my shades on.

I’m so glad that the children who come to stay have been able to get outside and make the most of the beach with their families. A little sunshine never goes a miss. It’s a busy time of year at the park which means it has a great buzzy atmosphere and I’ve been feeling really excited to welcome new families each week.

Taking a break

The feedback I’ve had has touched my heart, and made me realise how difficult life can be for some people. Whilst most kids don’t have a care in the world, for some this isn’t the reality. For these families, getting away from it all can be a lifeline and can offer a breakthrough and a chance to bond.

I wanted to share one story in particular that stood out, of a family who stayed with me at Combe Haven. They had been having a really tough time at home with domestic violence leading to mental health issues making life extremely hard. Whilst they had managed to escape the violence, life was still a struggle. Luckily, they were able to take time out from it all and enjoy each other’s company without all the constant worries that had been weighing over them.

Creating Memories to Cherish Forever

“We were able to experience our first family holiday today together. I was able to provide my children with a memorable and enjoyable experience. Without the support of the Family Holiday Association I would not have been able to give my children such a positive experience. We were able to create memories as a family I will cherish forever.”

For the children, this was their first time away and the excitement had been building up for months. When the time finally arrived to go away they were bursting with excitement. She said,

“Seeing the reaction on my children’s faces when we arrived was something I will never forget. My children were able to meet other children, play and experience new things. We were allocated a beautiful caravan which was bigger and better than I could have imagined.”

With money being a constant strain at home, mum had a tendency to put a lot of pressure on herself and felt a constant guilt that her children were missing out on life experiences. Returning from the holiday, mum felt a lot more hopeful and positive about making similar opportunities happen in the future.

There have been some amazing changes in the children too. She said, “My children were able to experience new activities which improved their confidence and enabled them to learn more about themselves; their likes and dislikes and establish new skills. After the holiday, the children are more confident and happy to try new things.”

“A huge thank you for your generosity, the break was more than I could have hoped for and enabled my family to have our first holiday experience.”

As always, I’m humbled and grateful that I get to see these changes in the families that come to stay. Fingers crossed the beautiful weather continues!

Talk soon.