My First Visitors Arrive – March

caravan on own no peopleMarch is one of my favourite months as I get to meet new people! As the holiday season begins, I’m getting super excited about my new families that I get to meet. I’m in great condition after a thorough clean and touch up so I’m back and ready to be home for some lovely families who need a break.

The first few visitors of the season are always memorable and prepare me for what’s to come throughout the year. I’ve been slightly lonely over the winter months, so it will be great to hear children’s laughter and happy parents chatting away. It’s the best feeling ever!

This time of year reminds me of the family that I met in one of the first holidays of last year.

They were a couple with four children, and they spoke about how lucky they felt to be taken away by the Family Holiday Association. The children were super excited as they had never visited the beach as a family before and the parents were so happy to see their children laughing and enjoying themselves.

Near the end of their holiday, I overheard them talking about the break and saying how much fun they had. The mum was delighted at how the break had seemed to be strengthening their relationships, she even commented that her two boys had started sharing everything for the first time and the whole family had started cooking together and helping her out.

Stickman bakerThey said:

“Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, this has been an absolute pleasure and I can’t thank you enough for the memories and laughs you enabled us to have for a short while. It’s the best week we have had in years!” 

It’s so great to make such a difference to the families’ lives and bring some positivity into their situation. This made me really happy and excited for the year ahead.

That’s all from me, I hope you check in next month to hear about my adventures!