The Holiday Countdown Begins – Feb

Hello again! Well, February has whizzed by, which means it’s nearly time for me to stop relaxing and start doing what I do best – welcoming families to stay whilst they enjoy the seaside. I’ve been getting ready to move out of the quiet season and into the holiday season and I’m bursting with excitement to look after families again.

The weather has been blooming marvellous this week! The sun really does put a pep in your step and has got me dreaming of the upcoming holiday season. There’s a lot more going on around the caravan park at the moment so it is starting to get its buzz back…

I’ve had a deep clean, a couple of bulbs replaced and feel refreshed and ready to be a home from home for the families coming to stay. It’s not long now until the park will soon be filled with laughter and chatter once again!

Over the quieter months, I know the charity team in London have been working hard to organise the breaks for this holiday season and have been sending offer letters out to tell families they’ve been invited on a break. I love this time of year, as we get to start spreading some holiday excitement and giving families something to look forward to!

The excitement of a break

The countdown to a holiday can really help to lift a family’s spirits, especially if they’re going through a difficult time. And it’s a lovely feeling, knowing that I can offer families a break that they so desperately need.

The unseasonably warm weather has reminded me of a family, the Martin’s, who came to stay last summer. Circumstances at home made life difficult and they never got the chance to get away and spend time as a family. Before they came to stay, the mum wasn’t feeling overly confident about travelling, so their lovely care worker helped them plan for the trip and look up all the fun activities they could join in with to get the children excited.

When the family arrived, I got to show off how much space I have and they all LOVED staying in a caravan – I felt proud as punch! The whole family couldn’t stop raving about how green and fresh everywhere felt and as the break went on you could see the stress from home begin to lift. Every day, they would play at the seaside, go on walks together and splash about in the swimming pool. They even made the most of being by the seaside by eating fish and chips for supper…twice!

It was wonderful to see the family really bonding together and forget about everything happening at home for a few days. When I overheard them talking about their break, I was filled with joy. They said:

“This break couldn’t have come at a better time, we have all been so stressed with things at home. The getaway to Combe Haven was really refreshing and a great experience that we would definitely repeat and recommend. It’s helped us be more relaxed as a family.”

As they were leaving, the family said that they felt lucky for the first time in ages… and I couldn’t have asked for more than that!

Right, that’s all from me. Until next time…