The sun has got his hat on!

Cor blimey, what a scorcher! Now I know us Brits like to talk about the weather, but it is definitely with good reason this week. It certainly makes me fancy a little dip in the sea, but I suppose I have to settle for watching lots of happy children and their families do it instead. Lucky me! We’ve also had a few downpours which has helped to keep me cool.

School’s out for summer which means the park is filling up with excited kids and their families – and it’s only just getting started! I can’t wait to tell you all about the visitors I’ve had.

The team at the charity started sending out holiday offers last November which means for some families the anticipation and excitement has been building for a while. It’s been fantastic to finally get to meet the families!

Someone recently told me that Sussex is the sunniest place in the UK – and I can vouch for that! Combe Haven really does look beautiful in the sunshine as the sea is all sparkly – it provides a lovely welcome for families coming to stay.

Unsurprisingly the beach and pools always prove to be a smash hit – it’s not hard to feel your mood lifted when splashing about in the waves. I recently had a family come to stay who LOVED the pools –The Williamson’s – if I remember rightly!

They arrived on a particularly windy day, I remember as I was just airing out my windows and feeling the breeze in my curtains. I had heard that the family were going through a patch of unemployment which had put a huge strain on the family and Mum’s mental health had been suffering. Mum was struggling a bit with her confidence when they arrived. The process of travelling can be quite daunting for a lot of the families who come to stay, especially if they haven’t done it before. So I was glad to be able to welcome them with open arms (or… wheels?!) Part of what makes the holiday park so great is that everything is in one place and I love that I can help to make everyone feel safe and comfortable whilst they are here.

Just what the doctor ordered

It was a real treasure to watch the family grow closer over the days they spent with me. Especially Mum and daughter, Lauren, who had been having a tricky time lately. After a few days spent splashing about in the pools and whizzing down water slides, I heard Mum saying that time together by the sea was just what the doctor ordered. The kids said they were storing up all their stories to share with friends when they got home!

I know that the whole family will take away some very fond memories from their stay with me at Combe Haven – you could see the change in Mum’s spirits. She said she felt a lot more positive about herself and had a new found belief in what she is capable of which was a joy to hear. I know I can’t just make all the problems in the family go away, but it warms my heart to see the family bond and the new lease of life they have to cope with the cards they have been dealt.

Get away from the worries and troubles

As they left, I heard Mum say, “It meant that we could really just get away from some of the worries and troubles that have been going on and relax, enjoy new experiences and have fun together. I hope other families enjoy their holiday as much as we did ours.” Isn’t that what summer holidays are all about?

It was such a pleasure for me to hear the children laughing and joking together as they played in the sunshine. It was a happy week we spent together, and I was sad to see them go – but I know I have plenty more families to meet this summer!

Righty-ho, that’s all from me. I’m going to catch a bit of much-needed shut eye before the next family comes. I hope you’ve all got some well-deserved R&R time planned!

Until next time!