A world of difference

One simple day out had a tremendous impact on Jack’s life.

We funded a visit to a Wildlife Park for a group of families. They had the chance to spend the day exploring the park together and for many of the children, it was the first time they experienced what many animals looked like in real-life. It was wonderful to hear from the schools and support workers about what a positive impact this day out had on the well-being of the children and their life at home.

For one boy in particular, it was truly amazing to see what a powerful difference a change in environment made.

Earlier in the year, Jack experienced a significant trauma which turned his world completely upside down. Unsure of how to cope, Jack closed himself off from his family and friends. He didn’t say a single word for many months after the event and as a result, stopped attending school. Understandably, this was an extremely distressing time for Jack’s family.

A health professional working closely with Jack referred him and his family to be part of the trip.

This may be difficult to believe, but on arrival at the park he said to a member of staff “What does a lion look like?”

These were the first words he had said in months, so you can imagine how ecstatic the family were.

By the time Jack returned to the coach at the end of the day, he was chatting and interacting with the other children – an amazing change to see in him.

He returned to school a few weeks after the trip for a slow integration and eventually worked up to staying the whole day. Jack’s doctor stated that the trip created a spontaneous recovery which can happen in those who suffer trauma.

No-one expected one simple day out to have such a miraculous outcome.

While details in this case study are true, names and images have been changed to protect the family’s confidentiality.