Ellie’s smile

Ellie's smileDad Mike has had diabetes since he was a child. More recently, his condition has worsened, leading to severe nerve damage in his legs. For Mike, a builder by profession, this has meant missing out on many hours of work over the past year, putting a strain on the family finances. And he is in constant pain.

Despite these problems, Mike has tried hard to carry on regardless, working as many hours as he can while trying to ensure his young children don’t miss out on vital time with their father. Last summer, Mike and his family took part in a walk organised by daughter Ellie’s infants school. It was quite a struggle for him to carry youngest child Luke on his shoulders, but he persevered nonetheless.

After the walk, Mike said: “Today has been fantastic! We never get to go out and have fun like this. Either we don’t have the money or I’m working.”

Ellie's smileEllie’s teacher contacted the Family Holiday Association on behalf of the family to see if we could fund a quiet break away for Mike, his partner Kerry, Luke and Ellie. Happily, we were able to offer a week at Mother Ivey’s Bay Holiday Park in Padstow, Cornwall. A break away together was just what they needed, creating time for the family to bond and have fun together away from the usual pressures at home.

“Things have been so much better since the family returned home,” says Mrs Parker, Ellie’s teacher. “Ellie has been concentrating more on her work, and she’s been telling everyone about the fabulous time she spent with her dad. It’s great to see her smiling again.”

This is a true story published with the family’s consent. Names and some other details have been changed to protect confidentiality.