“Now I’ve done it all”

When cancer snatched Keith Wright away from his loving wife, Louise, and three young sons six years ago, it left a once happy and stable family in pieces. Louise developed anxiety and needs support from her in-laws and the GP. Having no extended family of her own, a teacher at the boys’ school became a huge support to Louise, and knowing of her hardship, both emotionally and financially, took the step to refer the Wrights for a Family Holiday Association break.

Me and mum

Me and mum on the beach

Here, Elliot, age 13 tells us about their experience.

When I was very small, Mum and Dad took me and Harry on holiday, I don’t remember it, but Harry says it’s one of the best memories he has of Dad. Rhys wasn’t around then, so he’s never been on holiday – we’ve never really been away anywhere altogether before.

Mum’s been really sad since Dad died, but she takes us out to the park and to see Grandma and Uncle Jim (even though they make her cross sometimes. I think it’s because Uncle Jim reminds her of Dad, but Harry says it’s because Grandma’s bossy.)

My friends at school go away in half term, and always ask me where we’re going. I get embarrassed because we never go anywhere, so I don’t have any cool stories to tell them when we go back to school. I know it’s not Mum’s fault, she always says she wishes she could take us away, but it’s difficult.



But then, Mrs. Green from school got us a holiday with the Family Holiday Association. It was amazing and we could all go. We went away for a whole week to the seaside in Devon and stayed in a caravan. It was really exciting to pack my bag and know I was going on holiday. Rhys was so excited he didn’t sleep the night before.

When we got there we went to the beach and ran in the sea. Me and Harry played outside, while mum took Rhys swimming. It was really, really cool.

We were all sad to leave, especially Rhys as he’d made some new friends. But I couldn’t wait to get home and tell everyone at school about the holiday. Now I can join in conversations about touching jellyfish, having sand in your shoes and sleeping on bunk beds – because I’ve done it all.

Thank you Mrs. Green and the nice people at the Family Holiday Association for letting us go on holiday, my mum has never been so happy.On the beach