Summer Freedom

This summer, many of us will be feeling a new sense of freedom, as we emerge from the harder days of winter and the long isolation of the Covid pandemic.  Kind support from people like you in every corner of the UK will mean more families-in-need are able to look forward with hope, too.

What are your plans this summer? Being with friends and family again? Taking a day out, or having a short break away for a few days? With vaccine news and a roadmap showing the way through the pandemic, you may be making plans for things like this with some confidence.

Donate today to help families facing challenging circumstances to benefit from a break:


Families like Jayne and Madin have been waiting for a break since last year and are really looking forward to them! They are not alone – around 400 families already referred to us have been waiting patiently for a break since last year.  This year, their break will happen, thanks to people like you.

As restrictions lift and it’s safe to plan and offer breaks again, they will get away for a few days. They’ll experience the joy of their moment-in-time, an escape, their freedom, their breath of fresh air. From the end of May this year, families will be able to have their break.

With your help, we can reach more families too.

The health and economic impacts of the pandemic are well documented. It’s clear whatever news stories you read, thousands more families are feeling the pressures mount as a result of the virus.

For families already facing challenging circumstances like ill health, disability, bereavement, or trauma, this last year has added additional pressures. From social isolation to increased costs, a break is out of the reach of so many more people than ever before.

With your help, we can reach more of these vulnerable families and help them experience what you may be hoping for yourself.

Mother and son walking along a beach