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Little Maria’s Story

maria-and-mumOur charity provides day trips and short caravan breaks for children and their families struggling to cope in extremely challenging circumstances. A significant number of those we help are affected by mental health issues.

We know from our own research that over 70% of the families we help are suffering from a mental health issue. This is often as a result of other problems they are struggling with such as severe and long term illness, bereavement, disability and domestic violence. Sadly, for many of the families we help this isn’t a temporary problem but a way of life. This can put enormous strain on relationships, making it difficult to relate to others or care for loved ones, and in some cases even leave the house.

Thankfully we and our supporters are here to offer welcome respite, a new sense of optimism and hope for the future. Indeed, for many of the children we help, a short break or day trip offers the chance to go away for the very first time. The joy of simply seeing other people smile in the park or at the seaside can lift them out of their everyday cares and worries, and enrich their lives forever.

Here’s just one family’s story…