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Donate in memory

Donate in memoryDonating in memory is an excellent way to help keep alive the kindness and good nature of a loved one who has passed away. If someone close to you was a supporter of the Family Holiday Association, or simply wanted to do something to make the world a fairer place, then setting up a memorial fund is a great way to celebrate their life and continue their generosity.

There are a few ways that you can donate to the Family Holiday Association in memory.

The first is to start a collection in the name of your loved one at their funeral or memorial service. We at the Family Holiday Association can help with this by sending you supporting materials.

Another way is to set up an interactive memorial page online. As friends and family visit the page to pay their respects, they can make a donation quickly, easily and securely.

One more way to donate in memory is to make a regular or single donation on behalf of your loved one.

However much you are able to raise, you can be sure it will go a long way.