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Our Fundraising Promise to you

The Family Holiday Association receives no funding from the government. To be able to do our work we rely on donations from these kinds of sources to fund our work:

  • members of the public
  • trusts, foundations and grant-making bodies
  • corporate partners and partnerships
  • people leaving us gifts in their will
  • taking part in events or benefiting from participation in events

Funds that people raise for the charity through these means enable us to support families in challenging circumstances to have a much-needed break.

We want to ensure our supporters have a positive experience with the Family Holiday Association.

We’re registered with the Fundraising Regulator and commit to our fundraising being legal, open, honest and respectful, meeting the standards set in the Fundraising Code of Practice.

Our Promise is simple

  • We will comply with the law as it applies to charities and fundraising.
  • We will display the Fundraising Regulator badge on our fundraising material to show we are committed to good practice.
  • We will show our charity registration numbers on all our materials so it’s clear that the message is coming from us and the monies you donate will be handled responsibly.
  • We look after our supporter’s data. We won’t sell or give it to third parties and will only use it for activities where we have permission.  We’ll keep our privacy policy up to date so that you can see how we use data in fundraising.
  • We will monitor fundraisers, volunteers, and third parties who work with us to raise funds to ensure they are complying with the Code of Fundraising Practice and this promise.
  • We maintain professional memberships which support our colleagues to learn and grow their skills and experience and to be better fundraisers.
  • We will openly provide a feedback and complaints policy so you know how you can draw concerns or compliments to our attention.
  • We will monitor and record the number of complaints we receive each year and share this data with the Fundraising Regulator on request.

We will also:

  • be clear, honest and open about what we do with the donations we receive.
  • do what we say we will do with donations that we receive.
  • explain options clearly – if you want to change your gift, we’ll help you, if you want to stop giving, we’ll help you.
  • make relationships clear – if we ask a third party to fundraise on our behalf, we will make sure this is transparent.
  • be able to explain our fundraising costs and show how they are in the best interests of our cause, if we are asked about this.
  • respect your rights and privacy.
  • won’t put pressure on you to make a gift – if you don’t want to give, or want to stop giving, we will respect your decision.

Thank you for your wonderful support! We simply could not do the vital work we do without you.