Write or update your Will for free today

Making your Will can be simple, but if you’re not sure where to start, we’ll do our best to help. That’s why we have partnered with Farewill and The National Free Wills Network to make the process as easy as possible.


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We have teamed up with Will writing specialists Farewill to offer an online writing service that can take as little as 30 minutes to complete.*

To redeem your free offer, click on the button below and enter the voucher code FAM-legacy at the checkout.

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Write your Will for free over the telephone

You can also create your will over the telephone, the specialists at Farewill are available to help. Click on the link below to arrange a callback for a telephone will appointment..*

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Alternatively, call Farewill on 020 8050 2686 to book in a telephone Will appointment. You must notify the Customer Service team at the start of the call that you are a Family Holiday Association supporter.

*Currently available for residents of England and Wales only.


Write or update your Will for free in person with a local solicitor

National Free Wills Network logoThrough our partnership with The National Free Wills Network you can find a local solicitor to have a simple Will made or updated for free.

This service is a limited offer available across the UK only.

Click the link below and complete the online form. We’ll pass your information on to The National Free Wills Network who will send you a pack by post within the next 3 weeks.

This pack will have details of some local solicitors who participate in the free Wills scheme

Contact one of the solicitors to make an appointment

When you meet with your solicitor, complete the yellow declaration form with them, and specify how you’d like to support the Family Holiday Association in your Will, if you’ve chosen to do so.

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Preparing to make your Will

Before you start, it is always worth thinking about what you want your will to contain. Things to think about include:

  • Make a list of who you want to benefit from your estate.
  • Write down your assets and roughly what they are worth. Things to think about include property, shares, your pension, other savings plus valuable objects like jewellery or heirlooms.
  • How might you want to split your money and property when making your Will?
  • Choose your executors. They could be family or a friend who you trust to carry out your wishes, or a professional such as your solicitor or accountant
  • Check if you have to pay Inheritance tax. This will normally apply if the value of your estate is above £325,000. There are a number of ways of helping your heirs reduce or avoid having to pay inheritance tax. As a start point the consumer organisation Which? have a useful online guide.
  • Do you want to leave a message to accompany a gift? Increasingly people are choosing to leave a personal message to explain why they have left a gift to a particular individual or organisation


Get the wording right

If you choose to leave a gift to us, please make sure you refer to us by our full name and include our charity number:

“Family Holiday Association”

“Registered charity in England and Wales (800262) and Scotland (SC048203)”

3 Gainsford Street
SE1 2NE”


If you choose to take advantage of our free Will writing scheme, you don’t have to leave a gift to us in your Will – providing for your family, friends and loved ones should always come first. But if you do choose to remember us, thank you. For the families we help, your gift could mean the world.

This is a limited offer for the writing of simple Wills. If your Will needs to cover more complex issues then you may be asked to contribute towards the cost.