Writing my Will and what I can give

There are different types of gifts you can leave in your Will. If you are thinking of leaving us a gift, thank you. Gifts in Wills are vital in our mission to give families the chance to enjoy time away together.

Your gifts transforms lives

You can leave the Family Holiday Association the following in your Will:

  • A percentage or share of your estate. For example, you could leave 10% or 1/5 of your total wealth. This is known as a residuary gift
  • A lump sum. You might choose to leave a fixed amount of money to the Family Holiday Association, such as £100, £1,000 or £10,000. This is known as a pecuniary gift
  • Valuable items. For example, you might leave antique, jewellery or shares to us. This is known as a specific gift.

We are very grateful for any gift you leave to the Family Holiday Association. All donations will help us continue our work to give families the chance to explore. To have new experiences. To meet new people. To have fun. With your help we can transform lives.

Button - Get your Will written for free

With our partners at the National Free Wills Network, our supporters can have their Will written by a qualified solicitor for free. More information is on our page about the steps involved in writing a Will.

Get more help with your Will

We know that writing or changing a Will is a big decision. You can find more information and the answers to common questions here: