Happier Families

Happier Families cardsDistress and despair, day after day

Do you remember Happy Families cards? Perhaps you owned a set when you were a youngster, or maybe you play the game now with your own children or grandchildren.

We’ve developed our own Happier Families cards, designed to illustrate how pain and suffering can impact each member of a family. Dad is suffering with a worsening long-term illness, and even simple tasks can prove difficult. Mum is struggling to look after him, and the situation is made worse by the fact that neither of them can work. Their daughter is finding it hard to focus on her schoolwork, and their son is too young to understand why every day is filled with so much unhappiness.

While each person has their own private sadness, its effects on other members of the family are also notable. When, for instance, the son sees his mum crying, or the daughter witnesses her father in constant pain, it compounds their existing feelings of hopelessness and despair.

Happier Families cardsA happier future is on the cards

But thanks to the work we do, this is only half the story.

This year, many thousands of sons, daughters, mums and dads across the UK won’t get a summer holiday. In fact, in some cases they won’t even leave the street where they live, let alone visit a beach or foreign country. But with your help, we can change as many lives as possible for the better this summer.

It doesn’t cost much to arrange a modest caravan break at a holiday park by the sea. Less still a coach trip to a museum, theme park or picnic site for groups of families who are desperate for a day out. So we urge you to spare what you can to help us turn more struggling families into happier families.


Help one, help many

Your one act of kindness will have more than one impact. One child’s joy means one family’s joy. One family’s joy means one community’s joy. The possibilities are endless.

To request your own set of Family Holiday Association ‘Happier Families’ cards, click here.

Happier Families cards