Little Sara’s story

Little Sara's StorySara is just five-and-a-half years old, and her story is typical of those told time and again by the families we have helped.

Watch the video below, and hear how the lives of everyone in her family changed when her mum became ill.

Let’s brighten a child’s day this summer

Donate NowThe Family Holiday Association was founded on the principle that spending quality time together as a family away from home results in stronger, healthier and happier families and communities. Our aim has always been to create hope where there is despair, and happiness where there is sadness.

Little Sara's StoryWe have offered breaks to an unprecedented number of families over the past year, but for every family we’ve helped, we know there are plenty more who will never get to see the seaside, escape the daily grind or create cherished memories with their families. This is why your support is so vital.

A single donation of just £10 will help to ensure more struggling families get to spend a short time away from home this summer. It might not seem like much, but for a child in hardship, just a simple day out at the seaside or local tourist attraction can make the difference between despair and lasting joy.

You can donate online by clicking here and following the instructions, or call us on 020 3117 0660

Please help us to brighten a child’s day this summer.

Because a little sunshine
goes a long way