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Adopt a caravan

We own a number of caravans, all located at holiday parks by the British seaside.

They play a crucial role in giving families a chance to spend precious time together (come rain or shine!), especially during the peak school-holiday period.

Adopt a CaravanJust a few days away can help families reconnect, strengthen bonds and sow the seeds for a brighter future together. The simple joys of smiling, laughing and playing at the seaside can lift families out of their everyday worries and give them renewed hope for the future.

It costs £10,000 annually to keep each caravan in tip-top condition. This covers everything from ground rent, fuel bills, cleaning, furnishings and carrying out any necessary repairs.

Care for a caravanTogether Sun

You can truly make a difference by adopting one of our caravans for a year. By pledging to raise £10,000, you will be directly helping more families to find sunshine through the rain.

There are lots of ways that we can work together to ensure you achieve your pledge
total. Perhaps we can help you organise some fantastic fundraising events. Maybe your organisation could make the Family Holiday Association its charity of the year. You might even want to introduce a donation at point-of-sale for your customers.

The charity team will always be on hand to offer fundraising inspiration and assist throughout the year with all your activities. Most importantly, we know how to make it fun for all involved!

Your look after the caravan. And we’ll look after you!

Adopt a caravanWith caravans located all around the British coast, you’ll have a choice of which one to adopt (available on a first-come first-served basis, naturally!).

Once chosen, you will be invited to name your caravan, ready to start receiving monthly updates from Colin, Charlie or even Coral the Caravan!

Over the year, we’ll send you regular communications that include heart-warming stories and quotes from referrers and families, demonstrating the importance of having a few days’ respite from some of the toughest challenges life can bring.

To find out more and pledge, contact Coral from our charity team by email.

Together, we can increase the number of lives changed for the better.
Together, we can give families a reason to smile.
Together, we can help families find sunshine through the rain.