Holiday parks donating short breaks


Donating unused stock to help struggling families have a short break…

The traditional way of helping charities is to donate money, but another huge way to help the Family Holiday Association is by donating unused stock, such as short breaks and stays at holiday parks.

Rather than sitting unused, this is a wonderful gift to give struggling families that would otherwise not get a break from their terrible situations at home. By donating unused stock at little cost to you, you can enrich families lives forever.

“We are so grateful for the opportunity to have this holiday, it has taken some of the pressure off our family life and given us many happy memories to help us get through the very difficult times we have ahead” – The Riley Family

Spotlight on Mother Ivey’s Bay Holiday Park

Mother Ivey’s Bay Holiday Park in Cornwall have been donating unused holidays to the charity since 2016. This is part of their One-4-all scheme which they set up in 2013. This came about as the park would be open for 30 weeks each year and selling around 24 weeks holidays per caravan. This meant that 6 weeks of holidays remained unused and went to waste – and across 60 hire fleet caravans, that amounted to around 360 ‘wasted’ holidays.

Find out morePatrick Langmaid, owner of Mother Ivey’s Bay, wanted to make better use of these unused holidays, but without giving deep-discount holidays to achieve higher occupancy. Instead, Patrick wanted to give them away to struggling families, in keeping with his family’s ethos around Corporate Social Responsibility.

Patrick said:

“Holidays are similar to fresh food, they are both perishable and they both go to waste if unused. It was a shame to let our lovely unused Mother Ivey’s holidays go to waste, when they could be enjoyed by struggling families.

Family StoryOut of this, the concept of ‘One-4-All’ was born; for every 100 holidays sold commercially, Mother Ivey’s would gift 1 holiday at no charge to a family in need. It means a lot to the families who benefit, and yet it is not a big ask to a holiday business that has already created the holiday supply stream. It incurs just a little additional marginal cost from cleaning, heating and lighting. Wouldn’t it be great if the Family Holiday Association could get other holiday parks on board!”

Since Mother Ivey’s Bay partnered with us in 2016, they have welcomed over 30 of our families through their One-4-All scheme, which also helps other local charities in Cornwall. We’d like to say a huge thank you to the team at Mother Ivey’s Bay for their wonderful generosity!


Donate your unused stock

The way that we work is that families must be referred to the charity by a professional working with them in a supporting role, for example a health worker or teacher. This ensures we assist those who most need our help and means the families get the support they need to prepare for their break.

Donate unused stockThere are three simple steps to converting your generosity into precious benefits for families:

  1. Let us know what you can donate, including dates between March and October
  2. We will promote this to our extensive referrer network through our online booking system
  3. We then work with referrers to match families in their local communities with a break

We send the family details to you, then forward the booking confirmation to the families and they arrive like any regular customer.

Start making a real difference to families today, and email Alex Bunney, call him on 020 3117 0651 or fill in our simple online form to start working together!



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