UK Coach Awards

We are delighted the UK Coach Awards are supporting the Family Holiday Association to bring hope and happiness to families facing life’s toughest challenges.

By working together with the coach industry, we can all help struggling families find sunshine through the rain… 

The Family Holiday Association provides seaside breaks and day trips for families struggling with some of the toughest challenges life can bring – problems such as severe and long-term illness, mental health issues, bereavement, disability and domestic violence.

Each family helped is referred to the charity by someone already working with them in a supporting roles – perhaps a social worker, health visitor, teacher or other charity such as Barnardo’s or Shelter. By working with referrers, the Family Holiday Association can be sure that the funds raised help the families who will benefit the most.

One day can be all it takes…

For families who may not be able to enjoy a longer break away from home, whether it be due to illness, lack of confidence or caring responsibilities, a simple day out can provide a much-needed day of respite.

Just one day away from the pressures and strains at home can make a world of difference. It can give a family a new sense of hope and normality, plus the opportunity to create precious memories to draw on when times are tough.


How you can help…

“We just needed to get away, even for a day. We have had such a terrible year. We loved every moment and the excitement at just going out for the day!” – Johnson family

There are a couple of simple ways the industry can help families like the Johnson’s.

1) Donation of individual tickets on your current routes 

The simple things like building a sandcastle, paddling in the sea or exploring somewhere new together can give families the break they so desperately need and the chance to create precious memories that will last forever. Some of our most popular projects in the past have simply provided transport tickets and we let families do the rest!

2) Donation of a whole coach for a group of families to visit the seaside or tourist attraction

Provide a whole coach for return travel to enable a group to visit the seaside or attraction. Many of the families we support lack the confidence to take trips by themselves and so organisations take groups of families away together to provide a supportive environment.

We have over 3,000 active referrers across 95% of local authorities in the UK. This means you’ll be able to help families local to you who are receiving support from a wide range of organisations whilst only dealing with our team at the Family Holiday Association.

Contact one of our charity team, Alex Bunney, Partnership Development Manager by email or call him on 020 3117 0651 to discuss how you can support us.

It would be fantastic if you could join us on this journey to help more families find sunshine through the rain.