How we work with corporate partners

We work hard to develop lasting partnerships with companies, delivering clear business benefits for them and, most importantly, crucial funds, tickets and accommodation for our families.

In this section, you’ll find information on our partners in the travel industry and beyond, plus details of how your organisation can work with us.

    • Adopt a Caravan

      Adopt a Caravan  
    • Team events

      Team events  
    • Individual Events & Challenges

      Individual Events & Challenges  
    • Charity of the Event

      Charity of the Event  
    • Unique Fundraising Opportunities

      Unique Fundraising Opportunities  
    • Donating unused stock

      Donating unused stock  
    • Donate a break

      Donate a break  
    • Our Annual Events

      Our Annual Events  
    • Shades Day

      Shades Day